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Since alcohol is legal, and so readily accessible to people over twenty-one, lots more people are in danger for alcohol use disorders than other substance abuse disorders. It isn’t unusual for people to assume that alcohol is not harmful or non-addictive due to the fact that it’s a legal substance. These misunderstandings have led to a lot of pain and misery lots of people. The biggest goal of San Antonio Treatment Center are to teach people that suffer from alcohol use disorders, help them realize the roots of their drug addiction, and give them the skills to live without and resist alcohol.


The Facts About Alcohol Use Disorders


Alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence are both alcohol use disorders, although alcohol dependence (often referred to as alcoholism) is more dangerous by a long shot, and causes the most damaging effects. Addicts who are affected by alcohol abuse are not physiologically dependent on it, meaning they do not have withdrawal effects when they don’t drink, and so they haven’t built up a tolerance for alcohol. However, it is still a dangerous disorder since it causes people to make poor decisions, such as drinking and driving; suffer criminal and social issues, like arrests and arguments with loved ones; and become thoughtless at work, home, and school. Strong urges, lack of control, physical dependence, tolerance, and all the elements involved with alcohol abuse comprise what is considered alcohol dependence, or alcoholism. Alcohol Rehab in San Antonio employs trained, professional personnel who treat alcohol use disorders the safest, most efficient way.


Effects of Alcohol Use Disorders


Alcohol is responsible for a lot of negative side effects on the body and the mind. Even binge drinking has negative effects, such as lowered inhibitions, motor impairment, confusion, coma, breathing problems, or even death. Other risks of consuming alcohol include automotive injuries, violent and hazardous behavior, suicide, and homicide. Alcohol has many harmful effects on the body, and alcohol use disorders generally accompany other disorders. Since alcohol use disorders are usually accompanied by other mental issues, Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment San Antonio provides services aimed to addressing all facets of alcohol use.


San Antonio Treatment Center’s Treatment Options


Genetics, environmental factors, and psychological or emotional issues can all impact a person’s probability for forming an alcohol use disorder. Familial history, health status, age, the quantity and how often an individual consumes alcohol will also affect whether they develop an alcohol use disorder. Only with greater comprehension of why people develop alcohol use disorders, additional studies focused on finding dependable treatment strategies, and exploration of prevention methods and medicinal treatment options can people hope to identify and prevent substance addiction. Taking all these elements under consideration, Alcohol Rehab in San Antonio design treatment plans that deal with all aspects of substance addiction for the most effective and long term recovery results.


San Antonio Treatment Center Helps


Detox can be a crucial part of rehab for people who were chronic alcoholics, so many will require medically supervised detox to help them withdraw from the results of alcohol use. Treatment Programs San Antonio offers treatment programs in order for people to continue into after detox, because detox should really be used as a first step. For more details regarding alcohol use disorders, or to find a rehab center, please call San Antonio Treatment Center’s compassionate recovery specialists.